Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wall-E v VFR400 (NC30) - The Restoration

Before restoration... parked in the dining room last christmas.

During restoration... stripped & looking rather sad at friends garage.

What once resembled a motorcycle, took on the form of something completely different today. The rare as rocking horse sh*t, UK Spec 1992 Honda VFR400 NC30, was stripped for stage one of restoration. First stop & a jet wash helps to rid years of built up grease & grime. Staring at the bike in it's naked vulnerable state, I can't help but think of the film Wall-E, as the headlights stare at me with a slight look of fear. And for a very split second, I could have sworn it winked at me.

Stage 2 comprised of cleaning the wheels, polishing, masking & spraying. As a girl who will climb walls to escape any sound that resembles filing or drilling, I left that part to the boys & was given the job of masking the brake discs. To say this was more fiddly than trying to paint your nails in the back of a car driven by a learner for the very first time, might be a slight exaggeration, but nonetheless it caused me to curse a few times. It was then sprayed with a heat proof black paint followed by a clear lacquer to make it look shiny & brand new again!

All foot pegs, hangers & anything else that was metal & needed a scrub, was cleaned & polished. The masking part was pretty painless compared to my next task, which was straightening up the radiator fins damaged by stones. Using a very thin screwdriver I had to push all the *wafer thin* (french accent) metal back to it's original position, to ensure that the air could pass through successfully.

Stage 3 tomorrow night! HUGE thanks to Andy at Gavin Fleet Care & Gibbo who is probably the coolest Fettler in the world.

Incy Wincy Ipod Shuffle

I can't wait to use my brand new Apple ipod shuffle in the gym. (Thanks Trap 5!!!) The first ipod that 'talks'... Genius.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tag Team

After 2 years of being completely taken over by the wakeboarding bug & heading for the lake almost daily come rain or shine, I thought about getting out on my bike a bit more. Whilst on facebook one evening, I came across some pictures of friends known in the Ducati Racing world as Lily & Freak. As you can see, this husband & wife tag team really know how to crash in style! Both ended up with some nasty injuries and bravely enough have both jumped back on bikes AND are still happily married! Now that is true love for you.

Erm, back to the lake for me then!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Extreme Watersports

Is this for real? Surely not...