Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vibration Training

Well, they say 'New Year New You' and after a Christmas that was not so kind to my waistline, I gave up blaming my tight jeans on washing machine shrinkage and decided to do something about it. After 3 weeks away from wakeboarding due to a frozen lake, I decided I needed another form of exercise in my life, so I joined Resonance Vibration Training, a cosy studio in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

It is said to be a preferred exercise option for busy celebrities & has even been introduced into the regimes of a couple of Premier League football clubs. With state-of-the-art machines imported from the USA, Resonance is one of the few studios or gyms in the UK who are members of the I.V.T.R.B. (International Vibration Training Regulating Body). I was sold.

So what is vibration training? It involves holding stationary positions on the vibrating platforms such squats, press-ups, lunges etc. for around a minute. The high powered machines force your muscles to contract at around 40 times a second (or more) in order to maintain balance and causes them to fatigue in record time. A super concentrated workout for the muscles that are worked at 100% capacity, compared to around 40% in traditional resistance training, promoting speedy muscle growth, but also requiring large amounts of energy to be burned, resulting in weight loss. Perfect!

The machines have many other benefits and after just over 1 week I have already lost an inch on my stomach and 4lbs in weight!